Leading in Motherhood (dealing with opinions)


A good leader listens to diverse opinions and tries to include all of them into the plan… however, there are times in which to be a good leader, you must nod, smile and then throw away all these nonsensical opinions… If you prefer text, keep reading. If you like to see it on video, here […]

Jonas Åkerlund captures “Place”

Place - Cullbert

This film shows some frames before the performance and then focuses on the movement, emotion, and strength that the dancers show onstage. Really well produced, I think it gives a good idea of important moments and sensitivities expressed. I loved to see both performers so devoted to the piece and giving themselves to being present. […]

Thoughts for Baby Pauliphysics

belly surprise paulina lara

This time I made this video with the timelapse when we painted my belly. A lot of parents draw or paint on the expeting mom’s tummy and take pictures for the future. For us, as we did not know if our baby was boy or girl, my husband suggested the Kinder Surprise Egg. Enjoy: Thoughts […]

Type of Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of the year…it gives us an excuse to laugh and make fun of cheesy moments… My partner and I believe in love and can be romantic, but maybe the agnosticism for the date becomes more cynical to us, year by year… I do enjoy sending memes, virtual hugs to […]

The Capital of Döner

Berlin is Capital of

[bctt tweet=”Döner kebab is one of those sinful meals that we should try at least once!” username=”@PaulinaLaramx”] On reality is one of those delicacies that is better to share, because of its large size and abundant calories. The creator? Like all the good stories there is one person who makes famous the brand and who […]

Storytelling Workshop in Berlin

My Toastmasters Club is hosting The Bear’s event with Catherine Brophy, profesional writer, storyteller and speaker. Everyone has stories to tell… funny uncles, strange neighbours, near misses, tragic accidents, romances, ghosts, meetings with famous people… Most of us don’t realise how many stories we have and the rest of us don’t know how best to […]

Game of Thrones – Beriner Style

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series of the last years; the production value, the characters, story and incredible tension, are just some of the assets that make it wonderful. I love it! I am currently reading the second book of George R. R. Martin with Mr. Pauliphysics 😍 , I can […]

A series to portray artists: Poet for Hire


Hi dear humanoid gigabytic readers! This week I am launching a new project and consists of finding artists and showing a bit of them to you. Pauliphysical Leeway: a series to portray artists Berlin has so many cultural activities and artistic people who share their passion in several venues or public spaces and it is […]

Couchsurfing experience & how to become a good c-surfer


As travelers we like to do the most of our time, see the best important monuments or landmarks of a city and share with locals to get a feel for the culture. If you are a traveler maybe you agree with me, maybe you would add some other things to the list, but very likely […]

A tiny taste of SpeechMentors

Pascal-SpeechMentors @ThroughDhirajsEyes

Being a Toastmaster, you have the chance to meet really cool people in different fields. But also, some of them, are trainers or speakers who are doing this professionaly and share their knowledge inside the club, but also make a living outside of it. Recently I had the chance to take a tiny wokshop with […]