Hi dear humanoid gigabytic readers! This week I am launching a new project and consists of finding artists and showing a bit of them to you.

Pauliphysical Leeway: a series to portray artists

Berlin has so many cultural activities and artistic people who share their passion in several venues or public spaces and it is exciting to learn from them and share with you what they do, through my channel.


Poet for Hire: Ben Aleshire

I did not have to go too far to find my first artist. Coming out of a tube station, I found a nice man who is traveling around Europe and will be visiting Hamburg and Paris in July 2017. You can find more about him or ask for a poem on his website www.poetforhire.org

He has a new book (Currency) with the collection of these encounters with strangers. There is an interaction, he observes and asks some things to get to know the person a bit in order to make the poem personal. It is imminent to bring his own experience to the table, just like with my poem where he remembered the sugary mangoes, his temporary addiction to them and how they made his tongue go numb after eating so many of them!

He asked me where I came from, and as soon as I said “México” he smiled and spoke in Spanish to me. He told me his plans for the following days and I told him would be wonderful to have him on my youtube channel.

Here is the piece he wrote for me:

Poem by Ben Aleshire
Ben Aleshire: Poet for Hire

Sharing with friends…

Alonso Gómez (Rodrigo pa’ los cuates) was with me and helped me with the shooting. He is also featured in the video he, he,he…

Just to close this post, I want to thank Rodrigo Alonso, for his help. He gave Ben a quick sketch he drew on the spot, (I suppose) it was to thank him for the time and also a tiny tribute to his artistry.

We both wish Benjamin Aleshire good luck and success with the residence and hope to see him again


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