As travelers we like to do the most of our time, see the best important monuments or landmarks of a city and share with locals to get a feel for the culture. If you are a traveler maybe you agree with me, maybe you would add some other things to the list, but very likely they would be on the same track…

One of the ways to do some of them is through couchsurfing, an online community for traveleres.

I started using the platform about five years ago and had the chance to meet very nice people, saw cities and then hosted a couple of adventurous surfers who got a feel of my city, food and lifestyle.

There are a few things you need to know before you become a surfer, therefore I decided to make a nice short video to share with you my tips and experience:

How to use couchsurfing? (Simplified)

  • Complete your profile and share nice things about you (what are the cool things you have done, favorite reads, the way you see life…
  • Do not make your plans public, only publish the days you would like to meetup. People will offer and approach you; say yes to the ones you like.
  • Find the best person in the city (best for you: same taste in music, same interests, same cleaning habits…)
  • Ask nicely with a honest request. Include your plans, ask for 2 days to begin with and include why are you choosing them and why should they choose you.
  • No matter what the experience was, always leave a reference. Other travelers need to know how it is to be in this house, sleep in that couch and share with this host.

Have a look and please leave comments here or on YouTube!


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