Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series of the last years; the production value, the characters, story and incredible tension, are just some of the assets that make it wonderful.

I love it! I am currently reading the second book of George R. R. Martin with Mr. Pauliphysics ? , I can see how the first books were quite similar from what we see in the show. Are you watching the previous seasons now? ?

Berlin has the seven kingdoms

This kingdom of Berlin hosts intriguing people and characters and you might be one of them…

This week I made a “fan video” inspired by the ravishing series that will make our breath go in the following weeks.

I must say, that all that I describe in the following minutes, might apply to other cities and you can simply substitute some names to relate.

Which type of Berliner would you be in the World of Game of Thrones?

I hope you have some fun with this:

Have you found yours? (Read again if needed):

Theon Greyjoy

You feel you don’t belong anywhere. You keep hearing about all of these cool things happening around you, but you are never part of them. You are having problems socializing and getting out of the house So your sister drags to these great places to meet cool people. But then sometimes you feel your landlord wants to feed you to the dogs.

Arya Stark

As a young student you have dedicated body and mind to learn the necessary techniques to survive in this city, like schwarzfahren and eating other people’s food in the fridge. Too much partying has made you blind, but your love for this metropolis and determination have helped you to move forward. Even after meeting true masters of their craft and being thrown out of a bar that one time, you are still learning some real-life lessons.

Cersei Lannister

You keep struggling within the city, even though you love it and have been here for a long time. You are an experienced resident who teaches newcomers how things are supposed to be done and teach them the “crude reality” of this sprawling metropolis. You have not succeeded yet, but your strength of character might get you somewhere if you make the right choices in craft beers.

Davos Seaworth

As a rebel, you would like to change the system and not everyone understands your dedication. You are quite skeptical of how friendship works, but you can’t help helping newcomers get along with older citizens to make alliances. You know a lot of people from different walks of life and you believe in fighting evil influences like neoliberalism or heteronormative gender roles as a united front. But if someone betrays the cause, you will not hesitate in showing your contempt.

Daenerys Targaryen

You are one of those natural leaders who succeed wherever they go. It has not been easy but you have learned the language and gathered different types of international people around you. By choosing your friends carefully and studying the more strategic roads and paths on the s-Bahn ring, you are one of those people who is building a life for themselves in this city and will make it your own. That has made you one of the favorite expats in the city.

Samwell Tarly

You are not ready to experience the real world, therefore you keep studying in order to become a Maester one day. You have encountered some rough moments during your stay and one of them was love. When your parents found out about this, they were not happy about it. You promised to come back to your friends when your studies are finished, but sometimes it looks like you are not studying at all. You get lost on the u-Bahn all the time, because you don’t know anything about real life.

Petyr Baelish, Little-Finger

In general, you are good at politics and try to make allies all the time. There are times when you pretend to be someone you are not. You were not born in the city but by spending time here, imitating the locals and their lifestyle, you now even have the proper dialect. Your attitude has brought you some benefits and your persuasion skills are in general quite strong But you should not overreach by using them at the amt. They are impervious to charm.

Sansa Stark

You arrived at the city all fashionable and innocent, the typical youngster who thinks this city will throw a parade for you as soon as you arrive. Several landlords, some bad break-ups later, you’ve matured beyond your years, but you are still trying to figure out how to make a life here for yourself. It has been tough, but it seems you are building some character. Now you are in control and ready to be a warrior for the metropolis. Hopefully, all you have seen and lived will finally pay off.

Jon Snow

You arrived at the city in the winter, so you set aside your strolls and kept yourself inside your walls. After falling in love, but not being able to stay with your significant other, you have encountered several people and have been involved in many different activities. Men you trusted have stabbed you…after this you are more careful with your relationships. You will do anything it takes to stay and are currently planning to take over the Ausländerbehörde.

Tyrion Lannister

You are the smart, witty sarcastic type. You have an extroverted personality and drinking is a habit that goes well with this city. As fun as you are, life has not been a rollercoaster. You had to say goodbye to people you loved, have a broken relationship with your family and have been injured several times. Your new friends seem to be a great fit for the city and they like you, so there is always hope for creative and intelligent people like you.

Carlos, a good friend of mine, suggested me to add the following:

Jamie Lannister

You used to be a little bit of a d*ck where you lived but now have changed: maybe moving to Berlin and adapting, made you more sensitive and a better person overall. You are still struggling yourself with that person you used to be.


You might be simple minded, but lovable in the end. You are regarded as a people person, who’ll always hear and help others, but will almost never be appreciated at your fullest.

Brienne of Tarth

You are that one loyal friend who’ll never lose the way; you remain true to your beliefs and your purpose in life. You might even smack others whenever you depart form what you are supposed to accomplish.

Share and let others see if they agree!

I find it great when you tell people who you think you are and then they completely disagree! Choose the character that describes you better if you would live in Berlin! Then share it with friends and try to get their answer.

Let me know your thoughts on the video, the blog post, the channel, the series or life in general!

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