.Now I am working on a new website for my content marketing services and I feel happy that my baby Pauliphysics is giving me the chance to work around all his needs.

I was also thinking that sometimes when we try to stay humble we also lack self promotion or strenght to push what we sell, so I got inspired to make this video:


Love can change the world

I am a love believer so I really liked Cleo Wade’s talk: “Do you want to change the world? Star being brave enough to care”

Self-esteem in simple steps

Surfing on Youtube I also found this talk where the speaker shares her story and also gives some ideas to keep the energy up.

Let’s spend time with people who makes us fell good.

She mentions a best friend. I think we all have dear people that fill us with positive energy, let’s dedicate hours to them.

Let’s raise the volume of all the thoughts that make us feel good.

As if we had speakers inside, up, stereo and surround sound, listen to those good thoughts.

Tell others what we like about them.

In fact sometimes I think of those examples of a bad face with a person who assists us, when we make a small comment about something nice that they wear, their face changes immediately.


If we receive a compliment, we can thank it by looking at the person in the eye.

It is cool ┬áto receive some praise, right? let’s take it with love and being humble.


Strong and motivated, let’s promote ourselves

I liked Ray Edwards video saying we should promote everything so we can recieve what we want. Three steps to think about. In the video I do not do it proffesionaly for any of my ventures, I left it as a draft.

  1. Promote ourselves
  2. Promote our position
  3. Promote our offers

And I mean a draft, because I do talk a bit of what I do, but I made some jokes about my camera-man or my non.scientific Pauliphysics without making any clear offer. But I gotta work on it better and I hope it helps you, my dear humanoid gigabyte.

I believe it is important to remember these type of messages. We all know inside we have nurtured our learning outcomes and we are even experts in one or two things.

As I said in the video, Ivan Joseph also shares some ideas. He states that self- confidence is something we can learn

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts, and if you like my Youtube channel, subscribe! It is free

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