Hi humanoid gigabytes!

I am on Dailymotion. I am not sure how cool it can be, but someone told me to open a channel and I am planning to explore a little bit more.

I think this is one of those platforms which can be an alternative to Youtube, but I also believe it is hard to beat the second biggest search engine of the world.

Why did I join?

I believe it can be interesting to see if the platform develops into something bigger, if that is the case, I will already be there!

Maybe there are other humanoid gigabytes out there and they prefer Dailymotion, so why not upload the content for them there?

There is chance to monetize videos and the number of hours that people have given me by watching, is not that important at the moment. Do you think I can make some money with my playlists? That would be cool!

For now, I invite you to follow

If you are already around this platform or know someone who is, let them know about my Pauliphysical Channel. It would be great to start gathering some views and see how the social network displays information.

Thanks for being here, for reading, watching my content and sharing in our humanoid gigabytic community!

Good week!


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