Schöneweide was known as an area of hardworking people, there are old factories, the brewery, and maybe it was a bit away from the city … (some people told me that before it had a connotation of people who were not tolerant, let’s say not very open to others different to them). I do not know much, but now it’s where I live and I like it a lot.

It has nicer areas than others (but eveywhere in Berlin is like that). In addition to that, many people have moved here, they are opening “hip” businesses such as designed and handmade clothes, restaurants and nearby is the Humboldt University of Adlershof, so I believe students always give life and make areas more vibrant.

I was struck by the fact that the church of San Antonio is a Catholic one; as you know, Germany is not particularily known for being a religious country, and when it is the case, people are more Protestant than Catholic. I’ll go visit the church inside to see how it looks and give some small prayers to send good vibes for everyone.


Bärenquell-Brauerei Brewery

This is a very nice building on the outside, which seems abandoned and inside has great graffiti and had several interventions of street art or unorthodox creations. Abandoned Berlin’s website shows many of the photos of this amazing place before it was completely impossible to enter. Since it closed as a brewery, it has been an “underground” place, difficult to access and only for people who  would know how. It seems that nowadays, it is completely covered by wire and fences that limit access.

Berlin was the most important beer capital during part of the 19th century and that is why this place was of great importance. The Bärenquell brewery was founded in 1882 and was called Borussia back then; in 1959 it was when it got the name of Bärenquell and it was with the fall of the Wall, when the beers from West Germany arrived, many of the breweries in the East went bankrupt, because competition was impossible to overcome … It closed in 1994 and his beer was one of the 4 largest brands with Berliner Kindl, Berliner Pilsener and Schultheiss.

Now it is a place that does not have a very clear plan although it would be great if it got restored as a center of art and culture. Apparently, there is not much clarity about it.

Spree River
Spree River in Schoeneweide


These acronyms correspond to Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, which is a General Electricity Company. This building is very industrial and was designed by Peter Behrens, who was an architect, typographer and a very clever man. When the AEG hired him as a design consultant, he became one of the pioneers in working with the corporate image, so that everything had the presence and unity of the company. He made designs, houses for the workers, etc.

The building is still very industrial, it is not clear to me if there is something to see inside, because I understand that some of these industrial buildings have some rooms of the University of Applied Sciences but I do not know if what we see in my video includes this . There is a technical-industrial museum in part of these facilities as well. hahaha again, I do not understand well where it is (apologies for the incomplete information).


I do not show this in my video, but this is a wonderful park, or rather a forest within the city. There is a summer bath, jogging track, spaces to ride a bike. It was a very important space for East Berlin, to train sports and spend your spare time, for example. It is a very good place to walk and relax, to exercise and take your children to get burn some energy. Nearby is a scale model park, which is not open in winter.

This is very close to me and I could walk with the stroller among the trees that are losing their leaves now that autumn is dismissed. I loved to feel the fresh and clean air that these towering trees have to offer.

Take a look at the video

In the video you can see some of the different streets, some businesses and things that are around here. I missed sharing about the library that is almost opposite to the station.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on this area!


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