It turns out that Germans go crazy for card or board games. If you don’t believe me, you can check this article where they explain how more than 800 games are designed each year and loads of them come from Germany.

Our Germanic friends like to think and solve puzzles in different forms: cards and board games, are some of them. I made a video because I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite ones and find out which one are the ones that my humanoid gigabytes love.

The games I like the most


There are several videos, reviews, and articles that talk about these games somewhere if you surf the web. I will link you to the descriptions of one of the best places to read about games. They rank them, show videos and even link to the places where you can buy. Feel free to leave in the comment section other trusted places where the humanoid gigabyte community can learn more about gaming.




This is a card game where the goal is to reach the hidden gold. We are mining dwarves and some are bad dwarves who do not want to let you build the road. You are building the way to find the shiny stone, and the secret is that no one knows who is who. There is also an expansion with more roads and people.




This one is fantastic because it is a cooperative game. You do not see your cards, but your mates tell you what you have in order to put them in the right way and the goal is to create the best fireworks show altogether. It is quite funny how much you want to share with the others in order to let them know some information, maybe stressing something at the moment you share what you see.


Walk the plank


This card game has beautiful illustrations. When you are 4 players, this one will help you to break the ice and introduce games in a fun way without a lot of stress. The idea is to stay on the boat or send others to walk on the plank… if you do not use your cards well, you fall to the tentacles of Davy Jones aaaaaaaa




I think of it as a very strategic game, it also has several expansions. You make combinations with different cards, you collect money and then exchange it for victory cards, which are these green ones. It is important that you think of ways to connect the way these cards work, for instance, something that lets you get more information from your deck, with something that lets you organize the last cards.




One of the best games in terms of graphic design. It is a journey and the dynamics are interesting because the last player is the one who always begins. You have characters that give you certain benefits and you are acquiring things during the trip. The prizes are really beautiful.


Port Royal


This is one of the German favorites. You have missions, money and with it you hire staff. For example, there are cards of boats that give you money and the other ones with which you get benefits, and in the corner are the points. The goal is to collect 12 or more. There are also expansions to play with more characters or even reach team goals.


7 wonders


I consider it sensational, now I have fallen in love with its version for two players. You have resources and other cards to create your wonders and move forward. The setting is different to the draft that you make in the version of 7 players, you put the cards on the table and by turns take them. For me, it is like uniting age of empires and risk, much decision and thought. These are the points. Of course, you have the expansion with more cards and options.


Play as much as you can


In my parents’ place, we always played a lot. From tourist (monopoly type of game), risk, memory cards, to poker, canasta and the Mexican lottery… so for me, it was great when my boyfriend started teaching us new games, some social ones, others more strategic …

[bctt tweet=”Play: you will spend fun hours… it’s an incredible way to interact; and as I said, also perfect to break the ice.” username=”@PaulinaLaramx”]

Having to think about all the possibilities in order to make decisions, is also an element that helps the development of your analytical skills, which is a useful life skill. So try to find something to enjoy and learn at the same time.

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