Prague is still one of my favorite places. A beautiful city to walk through and to see something special in every corner. At times it reminds me of Guanajuato, with alleys and small corners, however it is another type of city and it has another architecture.


Here you have 3 places to see:

Charles Bridge


It is a medieval bridge from the fourteenth century and is guarded by thirty statues. The person in charge of its construction was Petr Parler, who was also the architect of St. Vitus Cathedral. This construction connects the city with the Castle. Carlos IV was the one who ordered it to be built and for many years it was called the stone bridge; until the 19th century it was given the name it has today, to honor the king. On the Moldova river we can see the castle and landscape of the city on one side, and on the other the dam. It is a pedestrian bridge, on which you will see many tourists, but it is really worth walking on it and seeing its statues, as well as the landscape of the castle.


Mobile Kafka Sculpture


It is quite new. It is called the Metamorphosis and was designed by David Cerrny. Since 2014 you can visit this mobile head which consists of 42 layers that rotate to the face of the Process author appear or disappear. It weighs 39 tons and is located in the business center of the city, called Quadrio.


Astronomical clock


You cannot miss it, because around the exact hour, dozens of people will gather to wait and see the moment when the apostles come out. This clock is in the Tower of the old town hall and is one of the best preserved medieval clocks in the world. It was designed by Mekulaash KadaƱ and perfected by Hanush Ruuzha; the legend says that Hanush was left blind so that nobody else had this same clock in the world. If this is true, the Czechs took it seriously when it came to wanting exclusivity contracts!

Sharp every hour, four statues on the sides of the clock come to life, a vain with his mirror, a miser with his money bag, an invader of the barbarians and the death.


Obviously I will share other scenes from the beautiful city with you, so that you can enjoy it while walking. This building is the church of St. Martin on the wall, located at the Old Town, there are usually concerts and cultural events. It is an almost entirely intact medieval piece of work.


The state theater must be a beauty inside. I’ll have to find time to see the famous black light show with spectacular colors and music. For now I bring you a bit of the facade which is truly beautiful. This is where Mozart premiered Don Giiovani and if you remember my other walking video in Prague, we can see the ghost on the other side.


You must visit Prague, it is a fantastic place with Gothic architecture in some temples, in addition to sculptures such as this 220 cm hanging Freud. My dad was the one who made me notice, because I was a bit slow to notice him hahaha


and who do you think is the artist? of course! Cerny!

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