As I come out of the bath, I can finally take a deep breath and enjoy a silent moment. When was the last time I did that? I am far away from being the perfect mom or keep everything organized, however, I manage a lot of things which make me feel tired.

I take quick showers and my meals are also somewhat fast paced (not that before I would be super slow eating, but could stay on the table if I wanted). Now, there are days in which I feel I have to beg so I can be able to finish my main course.

1 year old son

He is wonderful and demanding. I am blessed, because I can be with him. I had the chance to stay home and enjoy his development. He is lovely and eventhough I cannot sleep well during the night, it’s getting better.

What can I do when I see a lovely smiling face in the morning? Despite my feelings or desire to stay in bed, my body seems to work. He is shinny, bubbly and fun.

Streching and meditating

Maybe not much. But I try to do my yoga for beginners at least 20 minutes a day (normally before everything else starts spinning). Some exercises for my back, breathing in and out while enjoying the moment. I do it next to him. He is in a safe-cage hahaha corralito/laufgitter… people hate and critize them, but they give you the chance to do things without having to worry if the kid will die while you strech your legs to the sky.

Sleeping somewhat early

11:04 and I feel dead. I would sleep in some parties or meetups where I could not dance. But could go for long and even work or study the next day.

Now, sometimes I feel like going to bed at 9, jsut after putting my son to sleep. And speaking of...

If you are a humanoid gigabyte passing by…

My message to you is to take some time for your soul and body. A few minutes, but you are the most important person in your life. We tend to forget, eventhough we are quite selfish in our daily moments… be with yourself, talk alone, write something or simply relax with a cup of wine, but never stop making space for you.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like it, leave a comment of your new rutines or how they change/evolve as you get new responsibilities.

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