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On reality is one of those delicacies that is better to share, because of its large size and abundant calories.

The creator?

Like all the good stories there is one person who makes famous the brand and who takes all the credit. But according to chef and author Anisa Helou, in an interview with The Guardian, the Turkish-Germanic sandwich has been on Middle East recipes for ages.

Even the official site of the city recognizes Kadir Nurman as the inventor of this fast food, which many people enjoy every day on their way to work or leaving the party.

According to Culture Trip, other names also appear in the scene of those who want to be recognized as creators. Nevzat Salim, a Turkish man said that since 1969 he had a stand with his son in Reutlingen. Another berliner, named Mehmet Aygün, claims to have prepared the first döner in 1971.

Berlin is the Capital of Döner

In my experience, I have eaten in a couple of places and overall I liked them. I could criticize some of them, when you order the hallumi (fried cheese they add as an extra); sometimes they don’t do it well and it feels taffy. Apart from those, I like it and although I can not give my own favorite yet, I want to leave a list where the best places to eat döner are; tThe best kebab shops in Berlin, according to Berlin Food Stories.

If you have a crave for döner, watch the video

You may already have seen the video, but if it not, here you have it to enjoy the description of this meal that is almost-traditional from Berlin.

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