This time I made this video with the timelapse when we painted my belly.

A lot of parents draw or paint on the expeting mom’s tummy and take pictures for the future. For us, as we did not know if our baby was boy or girl, my husband suggested the Kinder Surprise Egg.


Thoughts for my baby

We do not know if you will be a boy or a girl, what we feel is a huge love for you. Since we knew that you grew up inside, our hearts were soaked with excitement and little by little as we shared the news, our families and friends were joining this wave of good wishes for you.

You have been 38 weeks in your jacuzzi. You have baked happily like that Mexican-German corn bread that will surely be healthy, sweet and perfect for us.

We are not sure of your weight, but based on what we learned on our last visit with the expert who has taken care of us this time, we believe that you should be around 3 kilos.

The world awaits you, a new home that at the moment will not be as comfortable as that liquid and warm bag where you are now. However, you will feel warmer with our hugs and kisses, and we hope that you will flow with life with joy and kindness.

We love you so much.

Your Pauliphysical Mom and Dad.


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