This time I want to share with you some scenes from the Rausch Schokoladenhaus. Really close to Gendarmenmarkt, where both, the French and German cathedrals are. You’ll find this chocolate shop that is half store – half museum of chocolate sculptures.


Take a stroll east and reach Alexander Platz


Neptune fountain  is one of the most beautiful watermonuments in the German capital. According to the Maverick guide of Berlin, it is one of the oldest in the city. It was designed by Reinhold Begas in the Roman Baroque style. It was installed in 1891 as a gift to the Kaiser Wilhelm II and according to this, he did not like it at all.


10 meters high and 18 meters in diameter, up to the top is the king of the sea and he is surrounded by other mythological creatures, below are four semi-naked muses that represent the 4 largest rivers in Germany. it is assumed that she, with the fishing net, representsthe  Rhine; this one with the fruit, is from the Elbe; she with the firewood, represents the Vistula and we cannot see much, but here is the muse of the Oder with hides.


Berlin has a lot of different places and some are much more touristic than others. For me, it is nice to take a stroll when it’s sunny and see a bit of what visitors do. But also, I quite like taking my time checking out the neighbourhood or just take a look into things that happen around me.


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