DH corporate video

I got to be part of this corporate video when I moved to Berlin. Fun production, lovely people and I even met some of the marketing team at the company. Now I came across the video on LinkedIn, so here you have it:

Neighborhoods in Berlin – Schöneweide

Schöneweide was known as an area of hardworking people, there are old factories, the brewery, and maybe it was a bit away from the city … (some people told me that before it had a connotation of people who were not tolerant, let’s say not very open to others different to them). I do not know much, but now it’s where I live and I like it a lot. It has nicer areas than others (but eveywhere in Berlin is like that). In addition to… Read More »
Motivation-flowers Pauli

How to get motivated + self-esteem + promote our brand

.Now I am working on a new website for my content marketing services and I feel happy that my baby Pauliphysics is giving me the chance to work around all his needs. I was also thinking that sometimes when we try to stay humble we also lack self promotion or strenght to push what we sell, so I got inspired to make this video:   Love can change the world I am a love believer so I really liked Cleo Wade’s talk: “Do you want… Read More »

I cut my hair!

It has been forever… Same haircut since the 16th Century… It was time  
Neptune Fountain

What to see in Berlin: Neptune Fountain

This time I want to share with you some scenes from the Rausch Schokoladenhaus. Really close to Gendarmenmarkt, where both, the French and German cathedrals are. You’ll find this chocolate shop that is half store – half museum of chocolate sculptures.   Take a stroll east and reach Alexander Platz   Neptune fountain  is one of the most beautiful watermonuments in the German capital. According to the Maverick guide of Berlin, it is one of the oldest in the city. It was designed by Reinhold… Read More »

Just got into Dailymotion

Hi humanoid gigabytes! I am on Dailymotion. I am not sure how cool it can be, but someone told me to open a channel and I am planning to explore a little bit more. I think this is one of those platforms which can be an alternative to Youtube, but I also believe it is hard to beat the second biggest search engine of the world. Why did I join? I believe it can be interesting to see if the platform develops into something bigger,… Read More »

One of the German addictions I like

It turns out that Germans go crazy for card or board games. If you don’t believe me, you can check this article where they explain how more than 800 games are designed each year and loads of them come from Germany. Our Germanic friends like to think and solve puzzles in different forms: cards and board games, are some of them. I made a video because I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite ones and find out which one are the… Read More »
Kafka Head - paulina lara

Prague is fantastic! Here 3 attractions for free

Prague is still one of my favorite places. A beautiful city to walk through and to see something special in every corner. At times it reminds me of Guanajuato, with alleys and small corners, however it is another type of city and it has another architecture.   Here you have 3 places to see: Charles Bridge   It is a medieval bridge from the fourteenth century and is guarded by thirty statues. The person in charge of its construction was Petr Parler, who was also… Read More »

Leading in Motherhood (dealing with opinions)

A good leader listens to diverse opinions and tries to include all of them into the plan… however, there are times in which to be a good leader, you must nod, smile and then throw away all these nonsensical opinions… If you prefer text, keep reading. If you like to see it on video, here you go: For example, leading in motherhood. This is probably one of those positions in which as a leader the expectations are so high that no one will ever reach… Read More »
Place - Cullbert

Jonas Åkerlund captures “Place”

This film shows some frames before the performance and then focuses on the movement, emotion, and strength that the dancers show onstage. Really well produced, I think it gives a good idea of important moments and sensitivities expressed. I loved to see both performers so devoted to the piece and giving themselves to being present. Amazing work! Ana Laguna is her name, dancer of the Cullberg Ballet for more than 30 years. Mijaíl Barýshnikov is the other dancer and I believe they have an amazing… Read More »